The first meeting is crucial to the whole design process. In order to work well together and get the best results, it’s important that we have a shared affinity and enjoy discussing design together. 

This initial conversation also enables us to fully understand your aims and objectives, requirements, timeframes and budget. This consultation is free and generally carried out at the property in question. We will then create a proposal for your review.

Measure + design

Once you have approved the proposal, the work starts. We will create an initial design concept, usually with plans, key elevations, images and sample boards, using measurements taken by us or provided by your architect or specialist surveying team. 

We will discuss each element with you, so that you can provide feedback on every aspect. After a few iterations, the final design will be signed off and we will move to the next stage.


This is the stage at which money changes hands as we order all the products within the approved design scheme.

We organise all the suppliers to ensure deliveries are made when we need them. We are familiar with the delays that are a regular aspect of the construction process and we will cover moving and/or delivery times as needed. 


Whether a design is for a show house or a private client, installation is a whirlwind. We organise this so that all the suppliers deliver their products over a one or two day period.

We unpack and arrange all the furniture, fit all window treatments, and add the dressing so the rooms are totally complete. Then it’s time for you to inspect and admire the finished product.

Contact us for a free initial meeting and find out how what we can do for you.