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Creativity and efficiency

Operating in the frenetic and demanding world of property development, show home and apartment interiors require a special type of design. Because they are often under-budgeted and limited on time, creativity and efficiency in the design process are paramount. Being able to juggle the demands of moving handover dates and press launches is a skill which Honeycomb has honed through years of working with developers.

“Honeycomb’s flair for fabrics is invaluable, and they are always enthusiastic and positive. I look forward to working with them again.”
Kay Persaud – Change Living

Aspirational design

The desire for something better is the driving force for any potential purchaser. The designs have to be aspirational whether you are selling to students or downsizers, in rural villages or the urban jungle. We are adept at getting into the minds of your purchasers and creating a space in which they can see themselves living.

“Honeycomb provides a superb service which is personal and professional all at the same time.”
Vicky Dudbridge – Director at Savills

Seasonal trends

Looking at seasonal changes and trends, so that designs remain relevant and attractive for the intended sales period, is an important part of the design process. Providing that memorable product, wallpaper or fabric to put you on the purchasers ‘return to’ list is vital.

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“The whole process was hassle-free. Honeycomb took care of every detail. We look forward to working with them again on future developments”
Jon Morgan – Juniper Homes

Key services

  • Free initial consultation to discuss your project
  • Internal room layouts
  • Wall finishes
  • Procurement of furniture
  • Curtain and blind making and installation
  • Installation of all procured items
  • Dressing of show home
  • Image boards for CGI marketing

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